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We went in search of snow and golden sunlight, and felt like we were in a different country.

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i’m MIA on here and believe my followers may all be dead but here is a selfie

I taught Olivia how to take selfies with her tiny paw and she’s getting super good at it.

Not to be the girl who posts pictures of clouds, but this sky legit looked like Skittles should rain down from it.
PS: I have a question. What should I type in front of the little symbol that looks like a clothing tag? Is that like a hashtag? I still don’t really truly understand hashtags.

That is how you tag things, honey. They are like hashtags. They just organize things. If you tag something, it would go into the It would also go to so you can have a specific page for specific things. For example, you can search posts tags as “cats” by  searching for that tag. Or just go to you want to have a section of your blog for your posts about cats, you can upload pictures and tag them as “cats” and then you could go to and they will all gather there.Or if you want to reblog a picture of a cat from the tumblr cat tag, you can still add a tag when you reblog something. Then that will also go in your more sense now?

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